The Heart of Now
The Tao of Democracy
The Co-Intelligence Institute
The Vestibular Disorders Association
Innovations in Democracy
Systemcrasher Records
Sport Copter Inc.
The Center for a Wiser Democracy
Person to Person Inc.
Loraine Hutchins
Deborah Chorney
Eugene Rainwater Inc.
Lost Valley
Air Cargo PDX
Jim Rough and Assoc.
Helios Resource Network
Emerald Ecos Community Currency
Watermelon Web Works
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Capital One
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Top Down
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Walnut Street Cooperative
VOCAL Support Center
Northwestern University
Network for New Culture

Form: We are first and foremost communicators; our focus is on clarity.

Beauty: We are also artists, and we believe in the power of design to invite the viewer to experience your worldview.

In communicating information, emotions, and values, we'll create a design with you that is evocative and elegant.

As visual communicators, our job is to translate your message into a language that will reach your desired audience.

We begin with a consultation session to assess your communication needs. This will direct us towards a vision that is both insightful and unique. Then we tailor our design process to your budgetary needs no job is too big or too small.

We invite you to share your vision with us.